Remove the skin tone rule

Though I haven’t had much a problem with this rule, I’m sure some people have. Roblox is “Powering Imagination” and avatars are also a way for people to express themselves. Limiting skin tone colors to certain ones is kinda inconvenient as some players have a main avatar with a “unrealistic” avatar. Plus, some users can possibly perceive that this rule is racist. Which it isn’t, though rules like this can be come out like that because of the nature of it. So overall, I think that this should be removed due to the nature of the rule and all.

EDIT: I know everyone will bring up the RP card, though SV really as not much of a RP aspect. Due to the fact that you get killed a lot RP doesn’t happen. So even though this group strives for RP, there isn’t much of it and therefore making it kinda useless RP wise.


#skintonerights never disrepespect skin tones :sunglasses:

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Where is this rule? Thought this was only for V1.

There is a reason why a skin tone rule exists.

You shouldn’t even be in unrealistic skin tones in the first place.

  • Having a matte black skin-tone isn’t racist; it’s unrealistic as hell. What’d you do - spray paint yourself?
  • Having a blue skin-tone imitates a deceased person who has suffocated. How are you still alive?
  • Having a red skin-tone looks like you are suffering a medical condition, which in reality, would get you examined & out of commission as prison staff personnel or placed in a medical ward as an inmate.
  • Unless you have copper over your body, you can’t have a green skin-tone.
  • Paleness of white is fine, but you shouldn’t be full white unless you are dead.

I can list more examples, but the rule honestly needs more explanation. If people think it is racist to be realistic, it just shows their pure stupidity & lack of logical reasoning.

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Red or blue which are really distracting. However I do think that white, black and yellow should be allowed. A lot of people don’t even enforce this rule even though they have full knowledge of its existence.

I think that fully black shouldn’t be allowed, nor should fully white or yellow, these colors just aren’t realistic enough

who cares about realistic skin tones like i use yellow skin tone and it looks cool

Yes it got removed now, and i just forgot hoe much i loved a fully white face

there are people that are super black in skin tone in countries like south sudan. i think there are some on the pacific too

This was removed on 5/29

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