Remove the 'time till released' for Max and Sol inmates

There are a few reasons why I, personally, think the entire ‘time till release’ feature is kind if dumb. I understand why it was added into the game, and I think the idea is good, but I think this feature is no fun to both officers and inmates.
From my POV, i play this game for the roleplay. I love running around and getting into trouble. I think the time released feature ruins the roleplay aspect of the game for me personally. I know a lot of people hate being put in max, but I think its really helpful for both Inmates and officers.
From the officers POV, it can get annoying. Finally catching someone who has a weapon and putting them into Max/Sol can be very helpful. It gets annoying to officers when they place someone in max/sol for having a weapon, then 2 minutes later, they’re suddenly respawned and start back up again. Its annoying for officers to constantly be catching the same inmate over and over and transfering them to max/sol, just for them to respawn and start killing everybody again. This is also an issue because some of the officers are unaware of this update. Inmates are getting kicked for ‘swapping teams to avoid max/sol’ when its just the new update that respawns them after 2 minutes. I’ve seen TONS of inmates being kicked from game because of officers unaware the game updated.
A some-what solution for this, i think instead of respawning inmates after a specific ammount of time, i think when an inmate is transfered into max/sol, maybe they could add some sort of timer, where it says how long they have been in max/sol. Another idea is to add some sort of thing where it says who put an inmate into max/sol, and have an area where you can put the reason they were put into max/sol. Maybe some sort of card where you can click on the inmate and it shows the card with all this information on it?
Also, another idea, when a new update is released, add some sort of thing that pops up stating all the new updates! From what I’ve seen, not all Officers and inmates are aware of the new updates, so i think that would be helpful as well!

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I would increase the time so for sol 5-7 minutes and max maybe 10 minutes because then the inmates really dont do it again and learn something out of it.

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Basically I think removing this update would be a very bad idea because if the update was to be removed, there could be like guards that can place you into prison for a certain reason but then if they forget to guard you, and completely forget you then you wouldn’t be getting out and basically your stuck there forever. Well maybe not forever but for a long period of time.

Again with what i said, inmates coming back out and doing the same thing over and over is annoying for Officers to have to keep running back and fourth, even if the time is extended. It gets very annoying, and again, a lot of inmates (such as myself) enjoy being max or sol for roleplay purposes. I love this game but this part of the update specifically ruined it for me. As i said, i think adding some sort of card for the max/sol inmates would be a lot easier to keep track of everything.

This (what you said) is the reason they added this update. Im saying that it still gets annoying and ruins the roleplay aspect for the games for dangerous inmates that enjoy being in sol/max for roleplay purposes. Im aware that it does get annoying, and a lot of times it does, when you’re placed into max/sol without reason. I also suggest for this to add some sort of filter that only allows ERT+ to enter the max and sol cell area. It wouldn’t completely get rid of the abusers, but a lot of the abusers I’ve seen are usually ranks below ERT, so it may help a little bit.

Inmates are also humans and not bots, they deserve to be treated like every other inmate, but I agree that for roleplay purposes they should add a way so max inmates can choose to stay or maybe that when the time is over they get the option to either respawn or staying longer in max until they choose to respawn


I actually really like the idea of being able to choose to stay in Max/sol. That’d be smart