Remove Votekick for DW because of abuse

Hi! I think you should remove the votekick system for DW since a lot of DWs are abusing. I also think that DW is too low for that kind of power. Coming from me, I got Vote Kicked for “abusing radio chat” even though I only accidentally sent 2 messages on Radio. I was also witness to many cases of DWs kicking inmates for being armed. I think for Wardens, you can keep it, but do not give it to Wardens who just bought the gamepass.

coolgaming_617, Warden


Dear @coolgaming_617

All false vote kicks must be reported, abuser will be pernamently banned and terminated.
Just use screenshot to report.

Signed. ilya232245 (Warden)

Hi! I already reported, and the DW got SSI

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