Removing Server Lag Detection

This feature is very tedious, yes I lag occasionally in games but not enough to disconnect me from the server as a normal roblox game would. The server lag detection detects that I’m laggy and instantly removes me from the server, even if I only lag for a few seconds. I literally see the game returning back to normal when I’m being removed, it detects lag spikes and thinks that you are no longer responsive in the game which is not the case. Removing the feature would allow me to enjoy the game as right now it is very annoying to experience being kicked every 5 minutes for a small lag spike.

It is to prevent hackers. There would be tons of hackers without this.

The bloxcord is annoying, but would you prefer to get DDoSed more often than that bloxcord one?
Also I barely get DDoSed, I get like one DDoS a week or sometimes even one fortnite

This would be a good idea since my wifi is not so good and I always get disconnected for the smallest things.