Replace the M4 gamepass nerf

Here’s my idea. Instead of having your M4 taken away right after you die as an inmate, you spawn in with an M4 (And any other gamepass weapons), and after you die, you respawn without an M4 (And any gamepass weapons). You have to hold a key (Etc. L) to regain your select weapon, and there would be an indicator above you (etc. a huge !) and guards can see that you are regaining a weapon, and during that time you can be cuffed and if you die while regaining a weapon, it will cancel out. After regaining the weapon of choice, the ! immediately goes away and you get your said weapon.


This would be abused as they are going to KILL you. What if you had 2 gamepasses and when you die you get 1 back. This would be super frustrating :pensive: