'Reset Abuse' after frisking, and how I would like to see them changed

‘Reset Abuse’ after frisking, and how I would like to see them changed.
Dear player,

After frisking an inmate, there is a big chance they will reset and gain their contraband back. In that way, after being put in the unsecured Sol/Max ward, they can simply just get back this contraband, and escape or breach the Sol/Max ward without any trouble.

In my experience, this is just annoying and I think this should be changed. This is why I have come up with the idea to add a so-called ‘confiscations room’ - and yes, I am thinking of changing the name, because of the possible abbreviation being too similar to CR - to the Sol/Max ward.

When an inmate is frisked, their contraband will be put in this room automatically, and it will stay there for 4 minutes. However, if the inmate is able to get inside of this room, they can retrieve their confiscated contraband. And I know that this is impossible without a fake keycard, so why not add a different minigame to only that door?

When the 4 minutes are over, the inmate will simply get back their contraband instantly.

I think that this is a great idea, which will reduce the amounts of people ‘abusing’ the reset button. Before saying Stateview cannot do this, as it will remove a player’s ability to ‘play’, look at how they also added a cooldown to the ‘ref’ and ‘res’ command.

Yours faithfully,


CP | OC | ET | GA

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This would keep the abuse down. But honestly this would be a lot of work for the devs and take a fair bit of time, so this would most likely be in Version 3.

Admin on the Wiki

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Yes super hard

local tool = workspace.startercharacter.M4


Ez as dat

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yeah but what about the modeling

local tool = workspace.startercharacter.M4

       tool.position = -- wherever the room is 
      tool.parent = player.backpack

there is probably some other things that need to be added tho

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If you have any ideas, don’t be scared to leave them here!

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This decreases GP item value, wich a lot of players don’t like.

GP items already take some time to add after spawning, wich makes it relatively fair already.

For max/sol, I already had the idea a while ago to disable ANY items upon spawning in max or sol team, making the 2 minutes pretty much mandatory.

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Some inmates also rejoin when you kill them. Most inmates that rejoin have an M4A1.

This was not done by the devs on purpose, but just because the game needs to load. It takes approximately 2-5 seconds. This makes it look like - which probably is true - that you have weak arguments.

  1. Point: Generalization makes your argument as weak as you are trying to display mine.

  2. It doesn’t matter AT ALL if the delay is intended, you should argue wether it helps regulating the game.

Your generalization at the end also classified your statement as a kind of insult, so please stop mistaking this place for a warzone and start discussing properly,