Resign Imbrowning156

This is my resignation from stateview if I don’t get unblacklisted I had fun while it last in appeals and I want to thank all my friends in statview Ik y’all had to unfriend me but it ok and want to than trey,josy and fennie (blub hater) for letting me be in appeals it was fun thank you statview and my rank buyer haters.

Sign Imbrowning156


Yes it was fun when it lasted, but slowly it just got boring

Also why tf did you actually create alts to try get yourself a promo

This post only for those use that keep dm me to supervise them

Kinda was I was going to make another account just to have fun and restart but too late now

Can’t talk about sv sorry but might be back one day if sir yeet let’s me

nooo dont leave
u were such a good and active FD, just keep appealing, i had to do that when i was perma banned

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Bro look at the logs before saying anything…

(Characters please more)

Some literally impersonated me in blacklist log like I have not been on Roblox since my blacklist

WAIT TREY STILL PLAYS HELL NAH tell me his discord user and say im J_amsco in his dms if u can