Restrict access to control room computer

Currently any rank has the ability to use the computer in the cell block control room, even though the rules state access is for COMM+. This leads to people shutting all the doors & not allowing inmates to roam, spamming the lights and randomly turning on lockdown.

I suggest that it’s changed so the computer simply doesn’t work for people who aren’t COMM+

I’d also like to see a 3 second gap between clicking the lockdown button, and a lockdown starting, giving people the ability to cancel the lockdown incase they misclicked, so you don’t need to wait the 30 seconds.


Nice 11 months revive

Hmmmmmmmm, what is that i see???
A 11 month revive? Bro what the ■■■■
Also did you know that’s already implemented, the bit for the 3 second gap between turning on/off LD