Restricted Admin commands

Hi Stateview! As you can probably tell from the title, this is about how restricted the admin command are. Yes, I know the team, warp, admin duty, and srlock are not given to CP-FD anymore. There are many reasons these should be added back, and would be extremely appreciated by the community.

The team command
Yes, I know people kept teaming themselves High Command. However, it is possible to edit the script to not allow that. You can also easily punish people who do that. The team command is necessary for trainings.

The warp command
Yes, people were teleporting a lot. However, it’s extremely annoying without it. It would also be useful so that sessions can be done quicker if we don’t get the team command back.

The srlock command
This should be given to all CP+ as they’re the ones to host sessions. It’s a pain to have to reset people because you can’t srlock. Just give us the command and make a reason mandatory.

Any feedback is appreciated!


Many CPs admin abuse, it could be FD+


The team command is annoying but it is okay. People can know your rank by how high your group rank is.
High commands+ team can be used for CAC+ or just allow CAC+ members use it.
Warp cmds is annoying people can abuse it so only allow Members that are hosting at the time being to use that cmd.
srlock cmd is and only will be for CAC+

All commands should and only be used if supervised.

If you unlock this do it so only members hosting or working on the training to use this if they leave. Everything will be auto removed that can be a good idea but will take them a lot of coding they can use this as a code or not on their choice

For the “warp command”, if was it that abused, just make a certain rule that says “you can use this only when extremely necessary, this can be catching an abuser/exploiter or for session purposes (such as when you die in the SR during shooting, you can use this command)”. If would anyone use it for anything else, it would be just admin abuse and there should be strict punishments. Same for the srlock, make a certain rule that says "you can use this only when hosting a session that started already, you can not spam it, and you can unlock it only when the event ends, after giving out roles during shifts, or when some attendee disconnects/dies for some reason and he wants to return. As last time, use of this command for anything else should result in strict punishment for admin abuse such as termination, admin removal, demotion to prison inspector and being ranklocked on prison instructor (so you can NOT get promoted), get pbanned, etc. And for the team command, again, the same: “you can use this command only for event purposes, NOTHING ELSE”. There would be strict punishments.

The srlock command should be FD+ as CP Will need a supervisor.for the team command, 100% agree, even a small scripter like me is able to do this within 10 lines of code, while still making CAC+ allowed to use the team me HICOMM.

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Oh yeah, I forgot, chaipersons need supervision to host events. Yes, then I agree, FD+.

I don’t think CPs need the srlock command, since we can only host Shifts.
Honestly, the only command that we could really use is “warp sr”.
However, in general, FD+ should get access to those commands.

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