Rework of the frisk system and and a way to replace with a mobility update!

First, the frisk system is not good as people pay big robux for gamepasses, it should be only; looking for if the inmate have guns or no, not removing all their guns / keycard. it’s now random guards that randomly cuff inmates to frisk them, it’s very annoying.

But, instead, add a big white box, and more time in solitary / box / max security (and the guns are only removed there) When respawn the inmate get their guns back of course. The box is a white place, where the inmates understand their mistakes.

Secondly, please add a sprint button, so you don’t have to press shift for a long time. (When pressed, you sprint).

And finally, add a jumping cooldown, 3 seconds, so the guards/inmates/criminals don’t spam jump.

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Then people will do the same? It wouldnt stop them of frisk abusing. In fact, they would do more to see who has weapons and who deosnt, then they would constantly put them in the box. Violation of NLR rule and also, some people dont use their gamepasses, sometimes they just wanna talk, if the cops see they got it, they will be put in the box, but if the cops would’ve just frisked them, they could still be talking.
Adding on, when you need to deal with 5 gamepass owners and you can do it like this: Frisk one by one, if nobody has the gamepass anymore you can put them in max/sol, or arrest them, problem, they will get their weapons back. So, if youre now in a hallway fight and you catch a person intead that you can frisk them, they would need to put them into “the box”, thats nearly immpossible and if they did it and they now try to get a second person, the first one would already be respawned, its nearly immpossible to stop it. Sure, you can still do it with a few good people but you need to be very good coordinated and it wouldnt make that much fun.

Sprinitng is ok but I would personally not need it and I fully agree with you on jumping!

Absolutely not
Its already hard enough to cuff someone and frisk them if they have gamepass gun and are with 2 ppl, this would only make it harder

Yeah it enough hard you will get bullet rain before you can cuff them

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