RI Changed |New way of getting RI

PC+ Should be able to get RI once they resign, but COS+/BOG+ should discuss if they actually deserve the role upon resigning. For example, if you want to resign as a Prison Commissioner, a few or more BOG+/COS+ decide whether you put enough dedication into your role, and if you truly deserve RI.

Wait… why…
No one would want to be HRs if they just did not have the choice to resign and anyway a lot of RIs are CAC-.

I didn’t say no one can resign…
Any rank can resign, just suggestion RI to be for PC+

It is but some people resign when they did good as CACs or even FDs and get RI. Not every PC get it, this suggestion is already a thing and also RI isnt a high rank. Even commander is a higher rank than RI so its not necassary that multiple CoS spend there time looking if they deserve a role.

Oh sorry I thought you meant BOG+ had to decide to make them resign.