RI should have Admin

RI are ex HR that worked so hard for our community and,when they got RI,they can still have admin because they were HR and they know the rules better than anyone.I comment this because if they wanna to be on Infirmary Team,they have to ask a CAC+ to be teamed,but,if they have admin,they can do it by theirselves.The `admin level´ they can have is CP+ admin but with some restrictions like they cant kick or ban someone,thats all.

Chairperson Admin does not give you the team command, as people would just abuse it by teaming themselves High Command.

no they resigned they should get admin like everyone else like if you leave and you are not admin then you can claim it back but hr ranks are not claimable so they can work again or just stay at same rank

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Yes, I see.

But they should have some privileges, like no inmate uniform and access to MO team.

But why MO team, you ask.

Because in actual prisons, exceptionally good inmates get to care for other inmates when they are injured. So it makes sense.


I disagree with this, No comment ok

I only have one response to this idea: a big fat no no no and no. That is a horrible idea. CP don’t even have the team command. And with the abuse already that would about like 50% more abuse. That would be very bad for the stateview community. It is just NO I can not have that happen.

Thanks: warden burry1213

Most RI were CAC+, i dont think they will abuse admin

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With the exception of some, like ValuedEnough, who was an FD I think.

No, I don’t think they should get admin because they have resigned for a reason. I mean that’s like resigning from the mod team but still having access to the mod tools.
Correct me if I’m wrong.

Sorry, maybe this is rude, but I have to tell that post is DED. It is DED when no one was responibg cery long or topić have no sense and you poster this post 2 YEARS AGO. If you put a post accodently on death post, tell it.

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Then cool. Everyone else is telling that people reponing on DED posta are total idiots. I do not think Like it.

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solution: let RI join corr team

Goddamn you guys really revived this :skull: