Riot shotgun and more non-lethal weapons?

Does anyone think a riot shotgun should be added? When multiple inmates are rioting or otherwise causing havoc (but have not done anything which enables officers to use lethal force), a riot shotgun could act like a taser except with multiple bullets. It could be given to the Emergency Response Team role or its own Riot Control role equipped with primarily non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray and tasers. I’ve seen too many scenarios where officers face a severe amount of prisoners rioting but when they try to arrest one of them, the rest escape and arm themselves. Would the riot shotgun be useful or would it be too overpowered?

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Riot Shotgun was a weapon in V1 but it got removed plus use the search bar

M41a6 or akm can one shot in headshot,but shotgun-you don’t need aim,but is hard to headshot bc enemy will dodge or jump.but shot gun can one shot in close range-that make is unbalanced.More primary wearons would be better.

Uh, no the M4 can’t one shot headshot, the Glock can’t even, it’s like 80+ damage for a headshot in the Glock and the M4 the damage is even weaker, not sure about the AKM since I don’t have access to it

I’m not talking about the riot shotgun being a lethal weapon, I’m talking about it functioning like a taser (shooting rubber rounds or such) which means that it wouldn’t matter where you hit someone with it as a taser incapacitates someone no matter where you hit them. I specifically stated “a riot shotgun could act like a taser except with multiple bullets.”

(Why body unclear)