RK kills person who is damaging innocent players issue

Please include the following in your reports.

  • Description
    It kills you when you use glock and m4 when the other player has a knife or gun
  • How often does it occur
    Every time
  • Where does it occur
  • How to reproduce
    Kill an inmate holding a gun or knife
  • Video showing the bug
    2022-03-22 17-30-25

Just letting you know that, you should only lose damage once you are abusing by shooting inmates when they aren’t in an unauthorized area or not causing any harm. Once they are in a unauthorized area, you should be able to kill that inmate.

Also, they have to fire with the gun because, if it was a knife, you would taze the suspect & frisk, then place in Maximum Security. If the user isn’t shooting with the M4A1 or Glock, it probably means you shouldn’t be shooting at them & maybe taze since they aren’t shooting.

Yes a totally irl moment
jerryomgxu - FD

But with the m4 and Glock I got dealt dmg which means but because you’re allowed to shoot inmates that are armed