RK (Random Kill) System

With lots of guards abusing, and not enough time to vote-kick them or report them? Then we need a random kill system as well as a cuff abuse system. With this if you random kill or random cuff 3 times, you"ll be automatically be switched to the inmates team and will have to stay there for 1:00+, based on how much you abuse. This makes it so DW+ can have an easier time moderating the staff at the Prison. After having been sent to the Inmates team 2 times, you will be automatically vote-kicked with a generated reason like, “Killed 6 innocent inmates and cuffed abused”. So this feature would be useful if there isn’t a DW+ on the server, or if there are multiple abusers. -Written by ShadowHeadgeHogPatG

We used to have a system like this, the innocent system. It was removed around 5 days after the V2 release. Nobody liked the innocent system. You could only cuff inmates who have either harmed a guard (with weapons) or escaped the main front gate, making them criminals. If they replaced this system (basically what you are suggesting) it would be heavily disliked. If you cuff an inmate for moderation reasons (bypassed audio for example) it would be classed as CA seen as the game can’t recognise audio. It would be a pain for everyone including DW+. They wouldn’t have to votekick people, because everyone has already been votekicked for cuffing with reasons. You can never make a script to do a player’s job (Most of the time). I would suggest just letting DW+ do their jobs but with an ingame report system. For example, a CO+ could report minor offenses (like small cuff abuse or cuffing for being too close to gate, offenses that aren’t really bad enough for a ticket in the intel server) at a counter (at the metal detector for example) where DW+ could go and review the reports. The DW+ would then decide if it is worth talking to the offender or votekicking if proof was provided. The reporter’s username, offender’s username and reason would be provided. There would then be a claim system. You could deny it, letting other people claim, or claim it, having it at the top of your screen as a pop up or something. It would then be the DW+'s job to deal with it within 10 minutes. After that the pop up would display 2 buttons. “Done” or “Not Done”. If the user clicks done, the “ticket”, lets call it, would be deleted. If clicked not done, it would be displayed in the desk again for a different DW+. It would have a padlock icon on that ticket for the DW+ who said not done. It may be abused,but it would probably be the best option if this suggestion was added.

This probably has holes and flaws all over, it was a first draft that should be expanded on.

MrNooshie, Warden

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