Roleplay Mode for Solitary/Max

Hey, so you know when you’re in solitary or max?

Well in an older version of Stateview, you spend unlimited time in s/m.
I was thinking that you might me able to add a “Roleplay Mode” in settings so you get unlimited
time in s/m and maybe some other things like animations.

I know this is quite a lot but I used to love the old s/m mechanic.



Yh same I agree I think solitary stil like 5 minutes and max would be the box (unlimited)


In the older versions of SV, we had no timer on max or sol. This, however, was removed for obvious reasoning of abuse and randomly putting inmates in there. Yes, this would be useful for “rp” mode but alas, if you are left there in max/sol not rping or being freed anytime soon, would you switch teams/leave the game and rejoin? Both of which are against rules for the simple reason of AVOIDING max/sol. And what if one player had this “rp” mode on, and the guards did not have it enabled and left the inmate there without knowing? And if you can enable/disable the mode in sol/max, it would be a way to bypass it, which would get abused.