Rule about abusing donate guns

People just buying permament gun, and if they got frisked or smth they just using !rejoin and again geting gun and killing all guard. They just breaking whole expirience, bc when u cuff him, he instant !rejoin and continue abusing

I can understand the first half of the complaint. As for the last half, when the person leaves and/or if they rejoin the same server you can report them for cuff logging.

This Rule got removed :skull:. Idk why

Your skill issue, your problem. If they bought an M4A1 you’re saying that they basically can’t use it.

Reviving dead topics? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

That’s why they paid a large sum of money for it. And they are still making a contribution to the game. And you are saying that they can’t contribute to the game and get the item?

Honestly, don’t whine about it. It’s quite useful in-fact when you see a tool abusing staff member actually. I’ve got the pass.