Self closing doors

Make the doors close by themselves after 10 seconds as it is annoying to close them manually and people sometimes leave them open which can lead to prisoners escapes.


YES PLEASE! Its so annoying to have to wait for it to respond and close! It just slows everyone down!

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I find that this is a good idea as many people leave the doors open, it would help to keep inmates in. However if there was a criminal raid, criminals would have to keep opening up the doors nonstop so then they can enter. The game has to be balanced so then either team doesn’t get a advantage over each other and just ultimately everyone gives up.

Maybe we could make it so for officers it closes automatically but with a keycard it does not?

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Yes! Amazing idea! It just slows people down when there is danger!

Hmmm, i think i’d be quite nice
Also, its really easy to script something they only close automatically if they are opened by certain teams.

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y e s , we need self closing doors
VERY usefull :confused: