Server Restarts During Sessions

Amenities, Stateview Community!

It has come to my attention that servers usually get restarted while hosting sessions within Stateview Prison Facility. It is really annoying when you’re just in the middle of it and the server gets rebooted. We have to cancel sessions afterwards, because all attendees get split into different servers. Please, pick a daily hour of reboots and follow it.



thats probably impossible tbh because sessions are on most of the time

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It is possible. If the Leadership Team decided to do restarts at night, they could unallow staff members to host at the example hour. Everything is possible.

For example, “Greetings, Staff! We will be restarting the server in about half an hour! Please finish up all sessions and do not host until the servers have restarted, and we give you guys the all clear. Thank you! Signed, Stateview Leadership” And it doesn’t even have to be someone typing it out in staff announcements every time. They could create a discord channel, and it could even be a bot, where they say, “rg!serverrestart true” and when it’s done, “rg!serverrestart false” I think it would be a good system, but probably just too much work, all just so that you don’t have to cancel 1 or 2 sessions.

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