Session Admin System

Hi Stateview!I wanted suggest something to developers.And I find a system named Session admin system!

If a Warden helps a training and host confirms it, game automaticly gives helpers a admin named Helper Admin/Session Admin.Session admins haves this commands:

View:For see someone you resetted it.(Optional)
Unview:If you add view, you need add unview too, right? LOL
Res:For kick trollers, only can use with host perms.
Ref:For scenarios, bugs etc.
Info:For see attendees information.(Optional)
pm:For PM attendees things and tell host something like scenarios passers.
kick:Kicks user if someone doing major troll, only can able to use with supervisior perms.
New command: toSR:For teleport to session room, can use if someone disconnects, dies etc.
New command: bringSR:Brings someone to session room, can use if someone disconnects, dies etc.
chatlogs:For see what is attendees doing in chat.
sit:For faces, picture etc.

You can say “But wardens can abuse it” It removes when session end, I think nobody dares to Admin Abuse near a FD+ and CAC+.LOL

Ayazerzurum2 Warden

This would be pretty helpful to add and the Cac’s could probably remove them from a list or something and there would be a punishment for AA or trolling. and make a whole lot easier to do trainings and things like that. The bring command could also be used for shooting.

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Yes, nobody would ever abuse in front of someone FD+. How would you create the system though, as you would need to create a panel for hosts to name someone as a helper, which would be quite difficult to code.