Session Hosting (Not what you think it is.)

So I have been having a problem with some of the recent session hosts. I like to attend sessions no matter if it is a shift or riot protocol. Although I don’t really prefer one or the other, I always check for what it is because I don’t want to attend a bunch of shifts. Well recently I was looking at a new session. I check to see whether it was open and then I check what it was. It was blank. I was only told who the host was, who the co host was, everyone’s rank, if there were any helpers, and if it was open. I had just done a shift so I didn’t want to waste time trying to find out what it was. This happened repeatedly over time. Could someone help? Also I don’t think its just me.

  • DW, RaeDaElf

Idk, but is it possible that it was my session? I accidentally clicked on enter but edited it after

It could have been but I have seen this many times. Not just once.