Session Room lock update

Currently I love this system though I realised one issue with it. For example, sometimes a person would have bad wifi and accidentally lag out making it so unfair for that person because it is no longer possible for him to rejoin that training. So I’m thinking of an update that would solve this problem.

First of all to solve this I’m thinking of creating a new team called “In Training” that is only accessible when a high command gives it to you before the training starts. The “In Training” Team lasts for around 1 - 2 hours (Depending on how long the training might be) adjustable by high commands. If given this team by high commands the player would only spawn in the session room every time they join that server for the next 1 - 2 hours depending on how long the high commands set it.

Doing this would make sure that even when a player lags out they could rejoin the training instead of waiting for a new training or a high command to teleport them.

This would be epic great this is nice.

This is a golden idea, but what if an abuser got their hands on it?

Wdym abuser? This power is only allowed for CAC+ And I don’t think the chances of them abusing would be that high since if they do abuse the command it’s only temporary for the player and could just join another server. (If joined another server the team would automatically be gone)

Good point. but there still are some circumstances that wouldn’t be good.

Which ones? I see no problem with this system else that the HICOMM needs to decide how long the training is. I thinknit would be better if they had a command that removes everyone from that team. Or they do it mannually. But I have one problem with this system, usually the people dont glitch out but disconnect and what happens if they do so? They wouldnt be in the team anymore. The command should remove everyone who got that role even if they are not in the server, this could probably be just hard to code. I like this idea but I dislike it in the same time.

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I think a CP+ should be able to use srlock because during shifts when there are no CAC raiders always come in and disrupt the shift and when you get killed either crims are camping spawn/SR room or they are in the halways preventing from getting to SR.

FD+ because CPs need supervisom