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Continuing the discussion from Session Mode for CP+:
A session UI for CP plus would not only not affect the abuse rates of CP which recently dropped due to the mass blacklist of CP abusers who bought the game pass this would allow a CP to shout accordingly their session ingame this would and also react with sessions posted from discord. With a session UI there will be a few important commands for CP plus all with Rank requirements:

Shout Commands

This will open a shout menu to display the messages a CP+ can shout
such as the following

Shifts | CP+

1 | β€œA Shift is being hosted, come to the Sessions room to attend and show great activity!”
2 | β€œShift locked! Ask to fall in.”
3 | β€œ[Shift] Dismissed to roles! I will call you back in a while! Stay back for any questions!”
4 | β€œPlease do not change the Status or mess around with lockdown due to an ongoing shift, failure to comply will result in a punishment.”
5 | β€œ[CODE YELLOW LOCKDOWN DRILL] There is now a lockdown drill ongoing. All Inmates should be transported to the Cell Block and be placed in cells. People are requested to NOT enter CR.”
6 | β€œ[Lockdown Drill] The lockdown drill is now complete. Continue with the status.”
7 | "Can everyone from the Shift please come back to the Sessions room? "

Trainings | FD+

1 | "A training is being hosted in the Sessions room. Come attend for a chance to be promoted! "
2 | "Training locked! "
3 | "The training is now over! Passers please say !rejoin to be able to see your new ranks! All dismissed from the session room! "

So on so fourth even for Inspections and RPC

Extra Commands

Private message

This really doesn’t need to be included in the UI and I feel it should be added to CP admin.
NOTE: which was removed for abusing though I feel PM is not an abusive command

Remote VK

This isn’t really important though I feel it would be useful or just easier to access

I like the idea we had many suggestions like this before and its just too ΓΆuch work for the developers

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