Sewer Escaping does not give XP

When you escape through the sewer you do not get the xp from the task.:angry:
This happens every time.
Reproduce by escaping through the sewer.


Maybe bug only for you, I have always got XP from escaping it.

I got xp for entering the sewers without going in the sewers, maybe you’ve already got it before?

I also noticed if someone uses the sewer tunnel’s the whole server will get the badge that they escaped the sewer tunnel, when said player is not even near it or in the sewer tunnel it’s self

Top 100 Jaredw obvious cap…
That is not possible…

You only get xp if you have the task to escape using the sewer.

and you did not escape yet

Look at the screenshot in the message

Yes I did look at the screenshot

but you did not become a crinmal yet you have to get a good distace away from the sewer.

i was a criminal (30 characters bruh)

then IDK what happend (30 characters bruh)

maby the sensing sytem had a littel glitch

It is possible, it’s when someone used the escape tunnel you get the badge, then I tried to reproduce it and I went through the sewer tunnel I did not get the badge, BUT When someone did it I got badge instead

Me had glitch where as COP i gained the Eco when simeone broker the toilet, but then i didn’t gained EXP.

Yea same, I did not get the XP for it either