Shift Hosting Guide/Information 2023 [UPDATED & UNOFFICAL]

:warning: | Session Informations

• Host must be Chairperson+.
• Co-Host must be Superintendent+.
• Supervisor must be Facility Director+.
• Spectators must be Prison Commisioners+ or Game Administrators.
• Ranker must be Facility Director+ with the Elevated HR Permission role on the Stateview Prison discord server, or any Community Advisory Council+.

:pushpin: | If you are below the rank Facility Director, you are required to have a supervisor. (Facility Director+)

:pushpin: | Facility Director+ may supervise Chairpersons during them hosting a shift.

:pushpin: | Facility Directors are allowed to host shifts without a supervisor, but they are required to have a ranker (Community Advisory Council+) unless they have the Elevated HR Permission role on the Stateview Prison discord server.

:pushpin: | Community Advisory Council+ are allowed to host shifts on their own.

:warning: | Session Role Capacity

• Host Capacity: One.
• Co-Host Capacity: One.
• Supervisor Capacity: One.
• Spectators Capacity: Three.
• Ranker Capacity: One.

:warning: | Further Session Information

:pushpin: | To start your shift, you must have five or more attends at the beginning.

:pushpin: | Helpers (Wardens+) are not allowed in shifts.

:pushpin: | The maxium of Hardest Workers in a shift is four.

:pushpin: | The Hardest Workers of the shift, will be promoted by the ranked by the end of the shift, keep in mind, that Hardest Workers are optional.

:warning: | Preparing The Session

:pushpin: | Firstly, head to the Stateview Prison discord server and announce your shift in the sessions annouchments channel by using the stated format.

:pushpin: | Nextly, you will announce ingame your hosted shift, if you are an Chairperson, your supervisor will announce the session ingame for you, if you are a Facility Director hosting the shift, you will announce the session by your own ingame.

:star: | Supervisor/Host: An example of the ingame annouchment of the shift can be following: h An Stateview Prison Shift is currently being hosted, head down to the Session Room to show activity and a chance of a promotion.

:warning: | Starting The Session

:pushpin: | Host/Supervisor: Now, you will announce that the shift has been locked. An example of an annouchment can be following: h The Stateview Prison Shift is now locked. | Ask to fall in.

:pushpin: | Host/Supervisor: You will now be locking the session room, to do this use the following command WITH a reason: srlock {reason}

:warning: | Session Introduction

• Host: Hello, and welcome to today’s Stateview Prison Shift! My name is {username}, my rank here is {rank}, I will be hosting this shift for today. My co-host will now introduce himself.

• Co-Host: Hello, I am {username}, and my rank here at Stateview Prison is {rank}, I will be co-hosting today’s shift.

:warning: | Session Rules

• Host: I - Do not speak without permission, if you wish to speak say: “Permission to Speak, {rank}.”

• Host: II - Follow all orders given to you by a SI+ during this shift, unless they are asking you to break the rules.

• Host: III - If you have any problem or concerns during this shift, ask me, my co-host or any other SI+.

• Host: IV - Do not ask for promotions/ranks, doing so can lower your chance of being promoted and can get you punished.

• Host: V - You are required to use grammar at all time.

• Host: Are these rules clear and understood?

• Host: Good, my co-host will now handout the roles, I will explain them later.

• Host: Does everyone has got a role? If not, say “PTS, {rank}.”

• Great, I will now explain the roles, please listen carefully as the role you received, will be your role for this whole shift.

• Host: Patrol Team - Patrols the prison, follows the status.

• Host: Scout Team - Patrols outside the prison and guards the prison from watch towers.

• Response Team - Guards around the set status, answers to any panic calls, watches over checkpoints and control room.

• Camera Operator - Works on cameras, reporting about the prison on radio.

• Captain - Head of a group of people, keeping control in their group and restoring order.

:warning: | Role Information

:pushpin: | There can only be one captain in a shift.

:pushpin: | Only Warden+ is able to be selected as a captain.

:pushpin: | The co-host will giveout the roles, if you have no co-host you will give the roles out by yourself.

:pushpin: | Make sure that, every attend knows their role, and the duties of their role.

:warning: | Session Dismissal

• Host: During this shift, you have to expect that a Lockdown Drill and/or a Blackout will happen.

• Host: Lockdown Drill: Once, the lockdown will be activated and the lockdown annouchment starts, you will be required to transport all inmates into their cells.

• Host: Blackout Drill: If the power of the Facility will shutdown, you will be required to transport all inmates into the CB, all guards must be in the CB too, please don’t restore the power during that.

• Host: Now, before you are dismissed, here are few expectations that we expect from you during the shift.

• Host: I - You are required to communicate.

• Host: II - You are required to communicate in radio channel two.

• Host: III - When communicating on the radio channel two, you will use follow format: {role} {message}, example: [Patrol] CB is clear.

• Host: IV - In order to be one of the four hardest workers in this shift, you will be required to communicate at all time during this shift.

• Host: Does anyone have any questions or concerns before you all are dismissed to roles?

• Host: Dismissed to roles.

:star: | Supervisor/Host: Once, the host dismissed the attends to their roles, you will unsrlock the session room, and announce the dismissed to roles message. Unsrlock: srlock {reason}, you are required to put in a reason in order to not be punished. Example: srlock Dismissed to roles., now you will announce the dismissed to roles annouchment by using following command: h Shift dismissed to roles! | Stay in the SR for any questions or concerns.

:warning: | Lockdown Drill

:pushpin: | During the Lockdown Drill, all attends are required to transport all inmates in their cells, make sure to stay in the CR, so nobody will turn off the LD, if anyone does dismiss them from the shift or do further punishments.

:star: | Supervisor/Host: h There is an on-going Lockdown Drill, please transport all innates into their cells. Do not turn off the LD during this, failure to do so will result in a punishment. Only SI+ are allowed in the CR during this time.

:star: | Supervisor/Host: ``h All staff personnel associated with the current hosted shift, please head to radio channel two for further informations.

:pushpin: | Now, make sure that nobody under the rank Superintendent enters the CR, if they do so you may ask them to leave, if they refuse you will punishment them.

:pushpin: | If anyone should turn off the LD during this, make sure to quickly turn it back on, and use following command: h Please do not change the status or mess around the lockdown, as there is an going-on Shift Lockdown Drill, failure to do so will result in a punishment., and make sure to punishment the person.

:pushpin: | Once all inmates are in their cells, you will turn off the Lockdown and annouchment following annouchment: h The Lockdown Drill has concluded, please continue with the normal status.

:warning: | Blackout Drill

:pushpin: | When you are starting your Blackout Drill, make sure that everyone knows what they are required to do as when there is no power, attends will have no access to the radio.

:pushpin: | To start the Blackout Drill, the Supervisor/Host/Co-Host will change into the inmate team and turn off the power. Once, you think all inmates are in the CB you may go on the Correctional Team/Emergency Response Team etc, and turn on the power.

:pushpin: | Once turned the power off, you will announce following annouchment: h An Shift Blackout Drill has just started. [STAFF] Please transport all inmates into the CB. No one is allowed to be in the hallways. Do not restore the power.

:pushpin: | Once, you have turned back on the power you will announce following announcement: h The Shift Blackout Drill has concluded. Please continue with the normal status.

:warning: | Shift Conclusion

:pushpin: | Once you are ready to end your shift, you will head to the SR and call your Supervisor/Co-Host/Ranker into the SR. Once they all arrived you will use following command: h [STAFF] Could everyone from the hosted shift please return back to the session room?, this will be announced twice.

:pushpin: | Once, you are ready to lock the session room, you will run following command: srlock {reason}, you are required to put in a reason to not be punished. Example: srlock Shift Ending.

• Host: Hello, and welcome back! How was the shift?

• Host: Great, before I announce the hardest workers, we will be taking a picture, please wedge on me.

• Host: Now, it’s time to announce the hardest workers, everyone did great but these people stond out of everyone.

• Host: Please congratulete… {username}, {username}, etc…

• Host: Thank you for attending today’s shift! It was a pleasure being your host. You all are dismissed.

• Co-Host: Also from me, thank you for attending today’s our hosted shift! You all are dismissed.

:star: | Supervisor/Host: Now, you will unsrlock the session room by using following command: srlock {reason}, you are required to put in a reason to not be punished. Example: srlock Shift Ended., now you will announce that the shift ended by using follow command: h Shift Ended! | Thanks for attending the today's hosted shift, have a nice rest of your day/night!.

:warning: | Last Informations

:pushpin: | Now, the host will delete his shift annouchment shout in the Stateview Prison server in the sessions channel.

:pushpin: | If the host was below the Facility Director rank, the supervisor will give him a grade for his work at the shift.

:pushpin: | Nextly, the host will log his shift in the shift-logs channel in the Stateview Prison Intel server.

:pushpin: | The ranker of the shift will now promote the hardest workers, and log their promotion in the promotion-logs channel, also only CAO-DW can be promoted for being a hardest worker in a shift, however make sure to check if they are on cooldown by checking their last promotion log.

:warning: | Credits

• Writer: Its_AndreasLife, DarkShadow#3575.
• Credits to the original Shift Hosting Guide.
• This Shift Hosting Information/Guide is Unoffical.

:warning: | Found any wrong sentences that must be fixed or errors in this guide? Contact me!

All these unofficial guides now a days… so much instruction

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