Shift’s should have more instruction

Stateview prison is sometimes considered a game around role-play. However, shifts do cause disruption in this role-play, considering they are all promotional. I never liked the idea of shifts being promotional. This created a a lack of lower ranks. Considering shifts happen so often you’re basically promoting two people every 30 minutes.
but that’s besides the point of my suggestion. I think we should make shifts have better guidelines to be more clear about things. Such as a more detailed guide, on when to put an inmate in solitary or maximum security. Or even went to use the electric chair. Because I see in many shifts that maximum security, and the electric chair are used way too often. Giving more instruction on how to properly operate a shift could be very beneficial to how they run. Because most people when they think about Stateview prison, and they suggest these ideas, they do not think about the side of the inmate. Being inside a maximum security cell is extremely boring or during lockdowns being stuck inside your cell is extraordinarily boring. I’m not saying that save you should increase the escaping opportunities. I’m just saying that it should be more rare have to put inmates in cells. Furthermore, state few shifts should have way more instruction to how they run.


Hello @colin124544,

For your first point I think you’re quite wrong as shifts aren’t promotional. Sure, you can have promotional shifts but they’re not as often and don’t promote super intendents. Now yes trainings do give promotions bit that’s why cooldown exists on ranks. I see multiple LR’s throughout the day and don’t think there is a shortage. Maybe it could be better if trainings were less often but shifts are fine and shifts solhow good activity.

For your other point, I think yes that the electric chair doesn’t have a clear use for it l. I would say it’s just for people doing their own roleplay but I’m not too sure. I think that maximum security and solitary is really common sense I will show you scenarios which would just need you to use common sense. For example, someone has a gun, that’s a clear maximum solitary as that’s high contraband. I could list more examples but you just need common sense. Also we do have scenarios in the shift guide if you search it up in the stateview forums.

This is just my opinion on it and if you disagree that’s fine.

You are wrong, shifts are promotional until DW.

Please check your informations before sending.

Unless they changed it I’m pretty sure promotional shifts do promote SI because I have been promoted before to CP in a promo shift.

CoS+ needs to host though I think

Hi there! I would like to tell you that inmates chose to be on the inmate team themselves, and do this to just help so shifts can run, trainings go well, and we don’t have trouble when they are hosted. Also, as mentioned in the shifts, the host says this; “If you have any questions, stay here.”
If you still need a better answer, as the host, or any CP+. I hope this was the answer of your question. Have a great day :wink: :sun_with_face:

Hello SteveBloX,

My bad for not realising. I would still like to say that there are cooldowns for these so they don’t make a huge impact on gameplay and like I said I still see lots of LR.

Pretty rare when that happens plus you need a CoS+ (I think) for those so it’s not affecting people’s promotions that much.

There is a lot of information in a shift, you just need to listen and communicate while in the shift. Other then that these shifts are really successfull

Badger hosted one right after he got fewest votes for favourite leadership member.