Should add grenades

You should add grenades💣 probably: Pepper spray for ERT+ Flashbang for Commander+ Grenade for Prison inspector, Tear gas for DW and Smoke grenade for W, or something like that.

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Prison is not a warzone. We dont need that.


Prison is not a war zone and: Adding some grenades, tear gas, etc

And: Add weapons custimization and tear gas,grenade,flashbang
There are more topics but you get the point,

Use the dam search bar
And the prison is not a warzone

This would not help anything. It would just makes guards lives harder.

#Usesearchbar #prisonisnotawarzone

Prison is not like hong kong’s protests.

It Prison is Not Warzone.

Have a Quetion.
A Lot of Some ERT+ is Abuse With Grenade And Maked Prison Will Been Chaos With Grenade Abuser. Then How Stop at a This Chaos?

One thing,
Vote kicking abusers.

Will still be toi much lmao judt votekicking wont stoo all abusers. Maybe a few but not all

Your taking it a bit too far. This isnt the military, this is just a prison. The current tools as of now are fine.

Yeah its a bit toi much, I agree that judt vote kicking wont stoo them.

Omfg shut up kiddo deeznut deez

They should only add grenades for owner admins because if it was just you can get Grenades for free it will be chaos and the guards won’t have a chance but they should add smoke grenades when they add riot and pepper spray and Police baton

Fun fact, owners do have this. Siryeets famous smoke grenade is the funniest ■■■■

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What dat jonah? I never knew there was even a grenade in SV

Its only obtainable with the pro panel

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OH so you gotta get the sebee pro panel?

Gimme morecharacters andmore