Should CP+ get Team, Warp, Adminduty & Srlock back?

Should CP+ get Team, Warp, Adminduty & Srlock back?
  • Certainly (100%)
  • Sure (75%)
  • Meh (50%)
  • No (25%)
  • Absolutely not (0%)

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Personally, I would vote Sure, but let’s see what you guys think! :face_with_monocle:

Can you tell us what the commands do?


You can use this command to make a player on a specific team.

You use this command to teleport to the Session Room, AR, Prison or City if needed.

On duty as an administrator, not an active “guard”.

When you use this command, it locks the session room so no one else can enter while there is a session.

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Does adminduty give you anything. Any perks? Put your name somewhere? Make you shiney?


Well, I don’t completely remember but you get a suit, Fedora and detective accessories. You also get a tag on top of your name in blue titled “Administrator”. It is very noticeable and yeah, pretty cool.

Do you get any in game perks which make the game easier to you? From what you are saying so far i think it should be FD+. Also whats a the AR?

Like I said on this Restricted Admin commands - #2 by Valdemarcrafter
bad idea read what I added before replying

Maybe not team or Srlock back (because those are abused a lot) but I think they should definitely get Warp back.

Srlock is fine, you cant really abuse it.

Yea srlock should come back but I think everything else would be fine to come back but maybe a bit of abusing…

I agree with Warp and Srlock, team should be for FD+, and adminduty should only be for people who can pban. Probaly add an “modduty” command for the ones who don’t have pban acces.

Thats not a thing, that command does spesific things.