Should I be attending trainings as a Warden?

I’ve recently become Warden and was wondering: Does attending trainings even matter at this point?
Now obviously helping is useful to show activity. But what about being a trainee? Can you pass? Do you earn literally anything if you pass? Are the standards super high? Or should I just focus on shifts and being a helper?

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After W+ You can only be promoted by promo shift, buying ranks that are over FD, or helping trainings (Idk if there are any other ways)

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Heling as trainings counts as activity, attending shifts does too.

Or you can also attend inspections

Inspections are kind of rare though, for me at least.

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There was 1 yesterday, around midnight

I must’ve been asleep (of course).
Also, what exactly is the point of inspections?

Trainings with extra steps, where W can be promoted to CP, and CP can be promoted to FD. (Other ranks can also attend and can get promoted) Also the inspection is harder, and less people are passing it. Trainings aren’t mandatory, but Inspections are.

You see, you can’t sleep now lmao

Unless they ask about checkpoint positions (which i have no idea wtf a checkpoint position is) or include an elimination phase while the trainer just runs around while ordering the faces INSTEAD of saying them in the middle and eliminating those far away for being “ToO sLoW”, trainings are fairly easy.
Still though, inspections being harder is worrying, there’s usually no more than 2-4 passers each training (depended on playercount) so if inspections are harder… well I assume there are instances where literally NO ONE passes.

Checkpoints were mainly in V1, currently the only checkpoint that we have is checkpoint zulu, which is the scanner at the prison exit.

Yeah I honestly never got the point of that thing :expressionless:

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• Work really hard.
• Being really active in shift as much as possible. (Untill CAC+notice you.)
• Buy it. (8.5k R$)
• Attend Inspection. (You must pass)
• Be a helper at training same as attending shift.
• Do patrol logs.
• Attend a riot protocol and pass it.

Thank you, but Riot Protocols are rare and when finally one was started, I had to leave (which is a shame since the one I attended was easy).
Inspections are also never during day in my timezone.

Helping in trainings is the only choice I have tbh.

Inspections are totally random, they happen more often in the afternoon in Europe and America, but they definitely also happen at other times.

Checkpoint is basically that prison exit/entrance with scanner, near the session room.

maybe you should it is your choice

last time i did a promotional shift with a CoS but they said that Wardens cannot be promoted.

Becouse it’s true.


Wardens used to be able to get promoted, now they changed it and you can’t anymore