Should saying ''Duck'' be allowed?

Well, the problem is, that on Discord SV main comms server, saying ‘‘duck’’ gets the message blocked because you can change 1 letter and you have a whole different word. But i think that saying ‘‘duck’’ should be allowed, because it has NOTHING to do with the other word… Not even the duck emoji is allowed! :-1::-1::duck: #DucksAreTheBest


What do you think of this idea? Let me know by commenting this post!

Signed, Community Advisory Council, ToMys0987.


Saying the word fart and stalking times you out for 1 min

i agree this is unfair treatment towards ducks we must take action

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The duck duck duck duck duck duck duck duck


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Its for obvious reasons they originally decided to implement this. However, I feel it can be improved. Many ways for this:

  1. Make it context based (Saying “Duck You” would be banned and other phrases like it however “I fed the ducks today” wouldn’t.

  2. Many bots offer 4 types of moderation aswell as discors itself, if they decrease the level of moderation and remove the flagged word, this can allow context a little more.

Hope this helps,

  • Callum [SI, Training Support Agent]

Exactly, that’s why i made this post.