Should server limit come back from 30 to 45

The new update made server limit decrease from 45 to 30 players and thats a problem because i saw many people having problems to host sessions because there wasnt enough people.Actually,people like FD+ have quota to complete and,if they cant host sessions,they are in a problem for not completing the quota and they can be reformed,you all know this and now with this completing quota is harder and more stressfull than before.
Even im not a FD+,i feel bad for those people and i think now hosting a session is harder than before,with this,i mean,not having enough people to start your session is sad and you have to look for another server or wait for another moment.

What do you think?Feel free to share your opinion here,all opinions are welcome.

With 45 servers there are too many ppl in 1-2 server and not enough in the others
This spreads it out better

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Outdated topic Siryeet brought back servers to their old capacity.