SI abuse. With Staff warnings

So I cuffed someone who literally tried to kill me with a gun and he said warning 1 to me for Cuff Abuse.
Btw the SI is ShufflerDaGoat (@ Shuffler1979)

Just ignore them, they either bought the rank and are thinking they have power now or they actually went through the trainings but are just trying to show a sense of “I can get you banned”

My WiFi disconnected, I had to leave

He before warning ta should Ask for the reason for cuffing. I am a superintendent WITH EXPERIENCE, CUZ I AM NOT BUYING A RANK, cuz I do not have robax. I am always before giving a warning asking “why”.

Sorry, I did not know that he did have a gun, I did not even see it. The second thing is just kill them. Srry. @OfficialToast

My bad plus it was from promotional event. I did not see him have a gun.

Yh, they pulled out a M4A1 and I had cuffs out so I cuffed him instantly so I didn’t take damage

I had similar situation taoday. Some criminal “raided” sr before i hosted. He tried to kill me. I tazed him and arrested him. He accused me of Admin commands abuse. (Im a chairperson so i dont even have Admin)

However i was warned by the criminal i arrested. Idek why lol.

@Cube If the person is a criminal, I don’t think it counts as a warning… I might be wrong tho.

as a person that worked as a mod in a ba with purchaseable ranks: this is very true and annoying at all times

holy crap this is from june? didn’t notice

Its okay just don’t revive 8 month dead topics