SI requirements changes

I believe that since SI’s are middle ranks, they should have some more requirements.
SI Requirements:

  1. Must be in both main and intel servers.
    Forcing SI’s to join both discord servers will make choosing SI helpers/cohosts during sessions easier.
  2. Enforce a small playtime quota
    I could see issues in a session point quota since SI’s do not have a player limit. That being said, I think it’s necessary to enforce some kind of weekly quota that separates the active from the inactive. I could see this being a lot of work for the departments, so I am suggesting that we automate this system with BC

SI’s have always been disregarded by the community. SI’s are a middle rank; the current low restrictions create an unnecessary disparity between SI and CP and smear the differences between LR’s and MR’s.

No. You can’t just make it so that all 4,000 SIs join both servers or they get demoted. Also, you can’t exactly automate the quota. To make this quota all 4,000 SIs need to join the discord server (which is impossible), and if they want to go on LOA, they can’t since they are not in in the discord. Your suggestion will not be added in to the game.

“Regular” in the forums
Stateview Chairperson

I’m suggesting a reform that demotes all SI’s to wardens. This process will be unappealable.

Hello badboy63676,

Stateview’s Community Management department isn’t highly staffed enough to enforce a quota for 2000+ SI’s, this simply just isn’t possible.

  • The vast majority of SI’s are not in our discord server let alone have discord to start with, forcing them to join our discord servers would decrease the total population of SI’s by a huge amount.
  • SI and CP are very different and for good reason, SI can be obtained via a training. The disparity between SI and CP isn’t unnecessary whatsoever.

Prison Commissioner,
Community Management