SI Requirements

Given that Superintendents (SI) hold a middle rank (MR) in the game, it’s appropriate to establish a requirement of 30 minutes of weekly gameplay. This requirement not only reflects the MR status but also promotes skill development and ensures that all SI players are equally committed to the game.

I disagree with this as people who retire from higher ranks have option to get their rank SI. Also as it’s obtainable by passing training. The reforms team will have pain to look through all of the (idk how many, but prob over 10k) SI that have they met it. Also this would mean that SI needs to get access to the LOA channel and with the current SI amount, the LOA would be flooded.

    • SIGNED - Henkka1981 - SI

I understand your concerns about implementing a mandatory 30-minute weekly gameplay requirement for Superintendent. Your point about players retiring from higher ranks and opting for SI status is valid, providing a practical reason for having SI without gameplay obligations. Additionally, the process of scrutinizing thousands of SI players to check their compliance with the requirement would indeed be a daunting task for the reforms team, potentially leading to logistical challenges and increased workload.

Moreover, granting SI access to the LOA (Leave of Absence) channel, considering the current number of SI players, might lead to the channel being flooded, making communication and coordination more challenging.

While encouraging active gameplay can be beneficial, it’s essential to balance it with the practicalities and complexities involved, as you’ve rightly pointed out. Perhaps, a more nuanced approach, such as optional incentives for active gameplay rather than mandatory requirements, could address these concerns effectively.

A Random SI

I think that they should highly recommend it rather than making it mandatory.

    • SIGNED - Henkka1981 - SI

I disagree.

SI is supposed to be the rank that everyone resigns to. Furthermore, many SI’s are not active. It is also not physically possible to watch over more than 3,000 SI’s. Also giving them the ability to take LoA will make SV much more chaotic.

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Most SIs are Wardens that by some chance passed a random traning, so they still have LR mentality, and they might not even play up to the 30 minutes mark, and that will make lot of warden to become SI, then they get demoted, and they pass a training again, and get demoted again, they cycle just keeps going.

Chickenpro789 - FD

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I argue against your statement as you do not think about the. fact that if any one one the SIs are going on a holiday to a region that does not allow Roblox to be played and not allowed to activate LOA, does that mean they are going to be demoted for being on holiday?
Being on holiday in China, I demand that you do not take your statement any further.

Please rethink.

Exyg17 - SI.

Plus, if you even are a CP, why are you interfering with our rank requirements when you are one rank higher? When did we even bother you?
Mind your own rank instead.

Bro why did you revive a dead topic…

I wrote this when I was SI


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How would I know that you are not SI.

I literally said it if you would read the replies you would have known.