SI should have a little admin

What i mean by this SI should ONLY have a Pm command like when your in a shift and your Co-Host and the Host is Pming someone it would notify them in-game if your allowed to do it or not because if it’s your first time Co-Hosting a Shift you need some tips while your getting Pmed. [ONLY THIS COMMAND]

ummm interesting ---------------------

Are you SI? [Just asking] Because this is only for SI. Or if only accepted by higher ranks but not SI rank.

no im not a SI. But I think I might get SI soon

i just got it like 20 minutes ago

To get admin:
1. Beg
2. Beg
4. Beg
4. Beg
5. Beg
6. Beg
7. Beg
8. Repeat Step 3
9. Repeat Step 4
10. Beg.


Can i have admin? Plsssss I want very much

Basic admin commands gamepass exists for this, and to give one command admin to EVERY SI, would be quite frankly a bit tedious. I think, if you need to pm other members on the hosting panels of sessions, either DM them or get the gamepass. Otherwise, you’re fine without it.


But if they don’t have discord then how are we gonna tell them. And if they have cam glitch they can’t see what we are typing so maybe we can just only this command.

Quite easy solution either one of those issues, nobody is allowed to co-host/host without being in both discord servers and verified, so that issue is already fixed. And as for the glitch, they are free to rejoin at any stage of the session.