Slight issue with admin gamepass?

If the restrictions on admin roles are so high because of the abuse factor, then why are you able to buy the admin gamepass? does it have different commands? If the gamepass is the same as having an admin role, this kinda removes the point of restricting CP+ so tightly, and makes the game vulnerable to someone with a lot of cash and a reason to attack the game. If there are reasons behind this or other explanations, I am curious as to what they are.

DISCLAIMER: I am not trying at attack the restrictions on CP+, as I think they do make a lot of sense.

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The admin gamepass is just mod and if you use it on other people, you get demoted or banned

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The admin gamepass has a lower admin level. It only allows you to use a few commands that cant really hurt anyone, you can ref, sit, view, etc.

You aren’t allowed to use any commands on other people though. (excluding view, which you cant use as an inmate.)