Small Addition Suggestion: Raiders

Hi there, everyone.

Whenever I go to attend or host, I always have this problem. Raiders. We all know that there is the SR Lock command, but its only use is to keep the bodies of the people out. Notice how I only said bodies. When someone presses themselves up against the SR door, and holds a gun while doing so, they can shoot through the door. Now, I’m not a developer, so I don’t know if this is possible, but I think we could maybe somehow make the tools actual parts, and actual solids, so they can’t go right through walls and parts. This makes it so that if they went to press themselves up against the door, holding the gun out would prevent them from shooting through it. I think this would be a good new feature to have, and a life saver, but I do understand if it isn’t added.

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It is possible, but the better solution is to detect if the weapon is sticking out, if yes, teleport the player back a little. (faster and easier to code then making it have advanced collisions)

Yes, that could also work. I think one of these 2 options, maybe both, would really help out a lot.

Doesn’t this present a problem with consistent run and gun? If you fire before the check triggers and repeat ad nauseum?

Perhaps the faster solution is just an extra srlock about half an M4 barrel away, airlock style. Like every other doorway in the entire prison, more or less.

Yeah way better idea, my idea can now count as an extra messure for the second part