Small change to PI uniforms

This is a tiny issue, but it’s driving me absolutely crazy. Because the lighter, ERT-style uniform is reused for PIs when graduating from commander (and the slightly darker uniform), the shoulder patches get all messed up.

Currently the commander has (best I can see) three chevrons and a star on their uniform, but when they rank up to PI, that patch changes to three chevrons, no star.

So it’s literally a lower ranking patch. On a higher ranking class of officer. It’s madness. A slippery slope to anarchy if I do say so myself.

I suggest we immediately end this blasphemous practice and rank up the PI uniform. There are a few solutions.

COM: >>> *
PI: >>>

Add a band and star so PI becomes: | >>> *
Add a band and star and remove the chevrons: | *
Simply add a star to denote first “officer” rank: *

Just anything, really.

Alright, rant over. Obviously this is not a serious issue and this thread is mostly in jest.

Yeah, I mean, I guess you’re right, although I just don’t think people sit there and say, "Man, those PI and COMM uniforms just aren’t realistically accurate. I guess maybe it could be fixed, but at the moment, it isn’t really the dev team’s biggest concern.