Small type of admin for warden

I am an FD but I think that giving wardens some admin commands including respawn, refresh and sit would make things easier for them and for us. It would help FD because for the faces in a training you need to sit people. Reply with your views on this.


I personally agree with this. I am a warden in stateview (so lol this would help a lot) and when I sometimes help in trainings there are people playing loud music outside the session room and I just wanted to refresh them or just do something about it but I couldn’t since I didn’t have said command.

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Definitely not respawn and refresh, many wardens would abuse this either on the inmate team, or just use it on others for no reason, a trusted warden rank would be better, which would have these kinds of commands.

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At level 150 you should get a trusted warden rank and with that rank you are able to host shifts and have the same admin as Chairperson. Thanks Blsnddnd

DON’T, hosting shifts and same admin as Chairperson would literally make them a CP, (a lot of people get CP at around level 150 but still) for any admin/hosting/co-hosting things it shouldn’t be “oh you’re level 150 so we give you full power to abuse”. The trusted warden rank also shouldn’t be able to serverban, and don’t let them automatically host, just make them co host. (Also, I think for most people who are active this rank would be given at around lvl 100, as its around halfway to cp from warden.)

I think there should be more commands:

  1. sit - Needed for faces.
  2. pm - Needed to report abusers and these kind of stuff,
  3. view - Needed to catch and report abusers.
  4. unview - ^
  5. cmds - For people that doesnt know what are the commands.
  6. kick - Wardens should be able to kick but not server ban - if they want to server ban, they should initate a votekick.
  7. punish ^
    If a person would AA, they should be terminated, demoted, and when they will come back to warden, they shouldn’t have admin.

I do agree with view, unview and pm but definitely not kick. It would just be abused.

Chatogs and logs as well, so wardens can see if any officers and/or inmates are being inappropriate. For some reason, this is common in Stateview.

Warden of Stateview Correctional Facility

Although me myself as warden i don’t agree with it as some wardens could just AA by kicking everyone that is dw+ so they can abuse and not be kicked.

singagamesss - Warden

It wouldn’t include the kick command, and just so you know their is a cooldown on the kick command of around 100 seconds I think.

so i agree with commands above but not for kick or punish bcs most keyword most not some are abusers

That would take away the whole point of CP.

This isn’t a bad idea. However, if they did, they’d need to make it to where you can’t earn the warden rank from levels, and only from trainings.

Work hard and get CP