Some suggestion and make the game friendly to new player

Dear managment/developer/owner:

Here is some suggestion:

  1. Set up a wanted system that staff can only cuff the wanted suspect. Staff can’t cuff any non-wanted personal.
  1. Set up mod calling system like “!call” “!help” “!mod”. As you see in the video, I can’t do anythings when someone abusing. Also hire more moderator and make them have a duty to answer call.
  1. Make a handbook for staff in game, let them know the basic rules. For example, in the video I punch a staff before but I have be do action for that, like cuff me into a room and wait for 2 minutes, but after I respawn, I got cuff by another staff. Make a clearly rule and a handbook in game please.
  1. Report system in game, I don’t know is there a reporting system or not, if yes, Make it into handbook or tell us how on the screen. If not, make it.
  1. Make the suggestion and report website can be found easier. I waste like 30 minutes to find this website.

I feel very disappoint of your game, there’s many abuser. This game give me very bad impress, I think not only me, this game give very bad impress for new player. I hope you can read my suggestion and make the game better, it’s important to make your game better if the game is friendly for new players.

  1. Blud there’s already a modcall system
  2. There’s already a wanted system :exploding_head: 3. The handbook can be found here 4: Stateview Administration 5: Blud those cadets should know not to shoot inmates 534 times in the head if they move.