Something for Criminals to do when they escape!

Hello all.
I am Toxiicblue423 an Facility Director within Stateview.

I have recently been seeing people in-game and on this forum asking for something for criminals to do when they escape. Maybe their could be a robbery like criminals can escape and rob those houses and if they rob is successfully you get more EXP and you are closer to your next level. Yes, I understand this is not a game like GTA5.

Many thanks,
Toxiicblue423, Facility Director [FD]

No, this would result in people grinding the robbery instead of RPing and getting to known the rules better

Well, at least then their is something to do in the game other than just patrol, attend shift. ETC…

But its a prison RP, why would you want other things? If you want that go play jailbreak

No, it is just for more things to do.

But if we would have a whole separate team as a police force either the police force or the prison would be empty. We dont have enough players for this kind of feature

But, we can just let the criminals do what they want.

Why do what they want? I mean they are supposed to raid the prison and thats what they do. We dont need a new city update

New city update is out :smiley:

But no robberies :frowning: