Spamming on radio

When You spamming in radio it can be punished or not or yes When You helping inmate escape in can be demotion or punish

I think radio spammers should be punished, because that is violating roblox Terms of Use.

It surely is punishable a modcall should have been done the moment it happend.

I saw in rules that spamming on radio is violating roblox ToS. Welp, it is punishable.

Well, anything that violates the ToS is also against our rules. We focus a lot on following both our rules and Roblox rules, which take precedence over ours. Therefore, if something violates the ToS, it should be punishable.

but that would mean you cant say hello because that’s apparently against roblox guidlines

No? You know what spamming is?

Im joking because saying hi can get you banned sometimes.

This is just bad roblox moderation. You can be banned for everything.

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