Spawn protection

Made spawn protection for CO’s spawn and ERT’s spawn.Reason: I went to afk for 10 minutes,and after 10 minutes,5 inmates break in ert spawn and starting to spawn kill me.

Then record and report to intel

people would kinda abuse it to protect themselves from dying.

Good, Cause it is against the rules to go AFK for 10 minutes or more + If someone would report you… hohoho You are in trouble mister…

I would love to see the report lol, but I don’t have perms :frowning:

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Can’t relate… lol


AGAIN,i just joined the game,and 3 inmates are spawn killing me

I’m can’t take the wearon,i’m just leaved

Inmates or criminals just standing at spawn for 10 Minutes and spawn killing.
New update: 1 kill= 10 xp= rank up fast

Record it, and send it to the Intel server.

Go into main go into bot cmds and say !intel, then join it and report.

honestly, I didn’t understand anything