SR Anti Raid Door System

To Avoid Session Raids, SR Should Have A Door Which Only Staff Can Open it and Inmates/Criminals won’t be able to open that door even having a keycard.

Edit: It’s like when waiting criminals and inmate cannot open the door (Even Having a Keycard)
But when session starts the srlock should make the guards cannot also enter.

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Cough cough srlock command cough cough

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Criminals can still raid when you are waiting for the session to begin.

Just make it where criminals or inmate cannot enter through the door at all times, even when waiting. Srlock still would serve a purpose by locking out late cops.

That was What I was saying No one understands smh

cough cough still coming for u when ur still not starting and waiting cough cough how u get the regular teach me in dms
Signed da pro son

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