*Staff Command* Team for W+

I would like the developers to create a new team for W+ called Staff Command. This team will spawn in Correctional Staff with a p90 with 30 ammo and 5% more dmg than a m4a1, glock 17, Handcuffs, tazers and a riot shield. This team should also be able to on LD. (I have seen people requesting a team called staff command.(:rofl: )

If you don’t know what is a p90 here is a example of a p90:
(@dpimpy, i hope you will add this idea.)

Dd3819, Warden


This might actually be a good idea but they should get rid of Warden gamepass.

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If this is added th spawn should be ERT. Apart from that, this isnt needed. And jimmy wont ever remove a gamepass.

If they remove the warden gamepass they will need to remove the chairperson gamepass.

Dd3819, Warden

I thought of this idea because some people wants correctional staff uniform with ERT weapons(similar to ERT weapons) and can on LD.

Dd3819 (W)

I’m fine with that. I respect Jimmy so much but I don’t think he should of added the CP or Warden gamepass

Yeah, jimmy likes money, thats a fact lol

Who ain’t liking money that’s a fact.

That…isn’t the greatest idea I’ve ever seen. First of all, P90 doesn’t make sense, because a correctional staff command team, or something like that, won’t really use P90, I think maybe MP5? And second of all, there really isn’t a need for a “stsff command” team, because HC already exists, and it’s for CAC+, staff command is also the room’s name (correct me if I’m wrong) the room for VK. So basically, staff command already exists, just called HC.

TBNRjay1999 -Warden

Oh and also, It’s really too similar to ERT, we won’t just make a team for wardens to get perks or flex their rank or something.

Criminals already have MP5

Dd3819 (ERT)

Room is called high command offices and prisond dont even use guns (except Response Team: here ERT)

Not sure why, the MP5 looks more like an MP5K than an MP5.

This idea is stupid, just be on one of the already existing teams and if you want a new gun rank up to CAC and get the akm :troll:

P90 has fifty (50) ammo,nerd,30 ammos is low.

Nice revive tbh
But can you not?
Pretty sure they don’t need that extra info that you posted

I hate the fact that i’m dead, get alive and then see a revive of 9 months

Maybe not new weapon but for the other ideas, yes!

Bruh,this is not a SCP game so no needed.

It is related to a prison game