Staff cuff ability

Hey. I would really like the feature where you can cuff staff (As W+) and kick them out of team for 5 minutes to be brought back. I think that is was actually really usefull. Im writing this because i had many cases where i would use this ability. After i spotted people who for example close inmates in cells for no reason (Usually cadets) i think that the ability to cuff people like them would be usefull. Yes, i can report incidents like this, however i think that this ability would be faster solution. Also, i cant report a big amount of people in short time. What i mean by that is the fact that there is a LOT of people who are abusing guns, cuffs, or maximum security cells. The abusers are usually some low rank ERT team staff, or cadets. Im writing this because as i said before, there is a lot of people who are abusing, and i just simply cant gather proof for like 5 or more people at once. When i see an abuser i usually try to solve the problem verbally, however if this solution doesnt work i would have to firstly, get proof of them abusing, and then report them. It wouldn’t be a problem if I didnt have to do the same with a lot of other people, who usually after breaking a rule are just leaving the game. Please add the cuff feature back, it was really usefull.



@Cube Good idea. But it will be abused so much. It should be what it is because some wardens are 13- and could abuse. Also, there are still abusers that are Wardens!!!

Make it CP+ Then it won’t be abusers and the h command

Fact, you are actually right. However, i must admitt, that this ability was usefull. It was usefull for people who dont abuse it. It was a fast solution to many problems that are about the staff. I think that good solution to the abuse of this ability is to give this ability to people with specific lvl, for example lvl 100+ could get this ability. Its usually the level that describes the experience of someone, not the rank.

It was removed due to people abusing it.

Please do not revive dead forums also CAC+ is best.