Staff Keycards/ID's

I have found my old post suggesting to lock the CR behind a keycard reader. Well, I’ve made some other ideas for the keycards, both this post and my old post are inspired by @P1ngP0ng_1901’s Guard IDs suggestion.
Staff Clearance I would be given to the ranks of:

  • Cadet Officer
  • Corrections Officer
  • ERT (Emergency Response Team)

Staff Clearance II would be given to the ranks of:

  • Commander
  • Prison Inspector
  • Deputy Warden
  • Warden

Staff Clearance III to:

  • Superintendent
  • Chairperson
  • Facility Director

Staff Clearance IV:

  • Community Advisory Council
  • Prison Commisioner

Staff Clearance V:
Anything above PC

Clearance-Locked/Team-Locked Rooms (doors):
Control Room: Clearance II+
Session Room: Clearance III+
ERT Spawn: ERT team only/HICOM team only
Execution Room: Clearance III+ & Warden
Prison Exit Doors: Clearance II+
Front Gate: Clearance III+ & criminals
Shooting Range: Clearance III+
Yard Guard Tower: Clearance II+

Keycard Ideas:

I disagree, the fact that you have to put warden and clearance three is drastic for execution room. SR room shouldn’t be locked it’s for all ranks and all ranks can still go the the cr to name a few I just don’t gagree there are more negatives than positives.

I agree! We barely have any MR except SI. CP and FD should be clearance III but we should have a clearance VI to make it a little bit more fair. Commander abuse their ranks, so what I think we should do is give them a small training and brief. They should also be whitelisted in the communications for less abusing. And shifts, trainings should be sorted.