Stateview Demotion training guide. 2023

  1. Find a co-host (CP+)
  2. Find a supervisor (CAC+)
  3. Announce on discord
  4. Wait for people to attend
    NOTE: you must be FD+ to host

Once there are four or more people attending, you may start.

Hello my name is [Name] my rank here in Stateview correctional facility is [Rank] and I will be hosting today’s demotion training!

Before we begin, lets go over a few rules.

I - DO NOT call me and my co-host by our rank at all times.

II - Go AFK (Away From Keyboard) in this training and YOU MUST speak while I am speaking and also without permission. Not doing these things will result in removal.

III - Do not show ANY respect to anyone. Not following this may result in not being demoted.

IV - If there is any problem, keep it to yourself and don’t say anything about it.

V - NOT trolling is unacceptable! Grammar must not be used ever. Not trolling or using grammar will result in removal.

VI - There is no such thing as PTS and you should always be talking.

This training will consist of three sections: Max absue, gun absue and disrespectfulnes.


We will start this session with max abuse.

During this, you are to put as much inmates in max secuirity as quickly as possible and put them in the cells.

Dismiss them and call them back after three minutes. Note: you are to keep track of the quickest players.

Mark passers and continue.

During this section, you are to kill as much inmates as possible during five minutes.

Dismiss them and call them back after five minutes. Note: you are to keep track of the players who kill more.

Mark the passsers and continue.


During this section, you will all have five minutes to GRAVELY disrespect as much players in the facility.

Dismiss them and call them back after five minutes. Note: you must keep track of the most disrespectful players, aswell as the ones who disrespect more players.

Mark passers and continue.


Tic passers and check cooldowns.

I will now be announcing the passers.

after that, demote all the passers.

if you have been demoted from this training, you will have a cooldown ranging from 3 days – 1 week. Please check with us if you’re unsure!
“h The training is now over! Passers please say !rejoin to be able to see your new ranks! All dismissed from the session room!”


It seems you’ve posted some sort of training or shift guide. This is a reminder that this thread is unofficial and no staff should be following this sort of guide. All official guides are located in Staff Information.

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Finally a training that cadets can pass.


Cadets would love this session💀


They don’t even need to participate to pass

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Yes indeed. I would get removed from the session right at the start.

That one L0 Cadet will definitely pass this one.

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The perfect session for Cadets :nerd_face:


The Cadets will be passing with flying colours.

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Finally man! I’ve been hoping to get to warden for some time now!

Signed Alt2662

So why did you want to do a training and get SI? You only passed since you were good.

He was joking…


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LOL system is replying for it!!!

gg to the people who fail this

skull. what u on about bro. i am disappointed in u.

Ah. Sorry… It’s just for the rulebreakers lol

no i was repying to the system dw

lol. They should make this hostable.

siryeet is hosting one later lol

A lot of demotions soon lolllllll