Stateview Gazette

The Stateview Gazette:

The Stateview Events Team will have a separate branch working (SVG - short for Stateview Gazette) on this newspaper with so-called ‘journalists’. In this newspaper, obvious things are announced, such as:

  • (Big) Promotions/Resignations
  • (Monthly) Event Winners
  • Employee of the Week
  • Upcoming events for the week
  • Update changelog

However, also things that will strengthen our community, such as:

  • A sudoku, crossword, wordle, etc. (which could function as events)
  • Hungriest SI of the week
  • Gossips

The journalists work on gathering information, putting it in the newspaper (making sure the structure of the newspaper is good and making sure it looks like a newspaper), and having it finished before the deadline!

This will, overall, enhance the roleplay experience and make for a more organised summary of all the channels and chats our community has to read. (However, these channels will stay for the journalists to be able to gather the information)

If you have any things to add or change about this idea, feel free to reply to this post!

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I can relate, this this is goated!!

good idea+


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ADD ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

I’m hungriest SI! I PM people all the time and beg.