{Stateview News} Exploiters


Before you ask,
yes this is also adding onto “Session Room Raiders” which can be found here
But this is more about the ingame exploiters than the session room exploiters.
Earlier today I saw a criminal in a warden uniform, and a maximum-security inmate glowing.
Also in the session rooms, cars can get teleported in there by exploiters.

This is an absolute problem and it needs to stop,
I have seen multiple situations to this.

It’s becoming such a mess.

  • What’s your opinion on this?
  • I hate this.
  • I’m okay with this.

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I would like to add I am the criminal in the warden uniform and that’s not exploiting that’s my Roblox avatar lol. Second I have seen an increase in exploiter numbers and I have had to open many tickets and VKs to kick them.

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Oops, sorry for the inconvenience there.

Lol, it’s fine it’s also kinda funny lol gg and how do you join the State view, news team? btw I know its unofficial

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Ah the information is on the recruiting page which can be found here.

Thanks. how often does he reply adding the fact that he has a life lol.

Not really sure. Sorry for the inconvenience.

What kind of a question is that, ofc its not ok?